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Is It Permitted to Marry a Transgender Person in Islam?

Transgender marriage is one of the new issues of our era. It does not mean that at the time of Prophet (PBUH) no one  was hermaphrodite. But the science of changing the sex into male or female, or to cure this […]

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Are women allowed to have a career according to Islam?

When facing this question, I start thinking what makes people have such a question in mind, while there are millions of Muslim women working all over the world in different positions. Are all these Muslim women doing something forbidden (Haram), […]

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Is Islam a religion of peace?

When facing a question like this, you may find a group of people who try to justify that Islam is not a religion of peace. They usually refer to terrorist attacks by pseudo Muslims and conclude that Islam is not […]

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The miserable life of a Muslim woman!!! Those who are not Muslim and committed to religion, may think that Muslim women cover themselves in front of men. They do not wear makeup. They do not have boyfriends. They do not […]

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five misconceptions about Muslim women!

I am a Muslim woman. I grew up in an Islamic country. I went to segregated schools, sport clubs, swimming pools, friendly parties and wedding parties. Then I chose Media as my career. I worked in different journals, made films […]

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do Muslims celebrate christmas?

Some people ask why Muslims do not celebrate Christmas? Is that because they do not agree 25th of December as Jesus birthday? Or is that because they say Christians believe in Jesus as son of God, while Muslims do not […]

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