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Can I Convert to Islam And not Wear Hijab?

To answer this question about wearing Hijab  , we should first understand why God has sent down religion to man and why He orders man what to do and what to avoid. Imagine a person who invents an electronic device, for example, […]

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What Happens After Death in Islam?

Almost everyone is scared of death; Even those who may commit suicide in a specific mental condition. If a physician tells us that we have an unknown disease and we will only live for a few more months, we would […]

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Islam’s View toward Judaism according to the Quran

Judaism in Islam is considered as one of the most significant monotheistic religions, and many verses of Quran are dedicated to describing the fate of the followers of this religion. In different verses of the Holy Quran, when Allah wants […]

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How are Jews Depicted in the Quran?

There are many verses that mention Jews in the Quran. Quran recounts the story of the Children of Israel (Bani-Israel)who were children of Prophet Jacob (also known as Israel) and were waiting for a savior for many years. Prophet Moses (PBUH) was sent […]

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What Is it Said about Prophet Moses in Islam? | Prophethood

In the first part of the story, we went through Prophet Moses in Islam and his childhood events, his youth and his journey to Midian (Madyan), where he met Prophet Shu’ayb (PBUH) and married his daughter, and after a few years, he decided […]

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What Does Islam Say about Prophet Moses? | before Prophethood

There are many examples and stories narrated in the Holy Quran, such as the account of Prophet Moses in the Quran, the aim of which is not only to amuse us, but as signs for the “percipient” [1], for “those who […]

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